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Welcome! Bienvenue! Bemvindo! Bienvenidos! Dobro Pozhalovat!

Jacqueline Dembar Greene
Classic Adventures

Come on in!


While I’m busy writing my newest book, you can browse through my Web pages and learn more about me. You’ll also see some of the books I’ve written and find out how to arrange for a visit to your school, library, or book fair.

It’s wonderful to have a job where I can jump into a long-ago time and bring it to life through my characters. When you read my books, you’ll be able to imagine yourself in new worlds, too. You can meet Rebecca Rubin’s immigrant family in 1914 New York. You can travel back to 1654 and stow away on a ship bound for Amsterdam, or move in with the famous painter Rembrandt. Closer to my Massachusetts home, you can join the legendary Tom Cook as he tries to level off the fortunes of the villagers of Westborough like a 1700s Robin Hood.

There are so many places you can go. All you have to do is open the book!



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Picture Books
Rebecca Rubin American Girl
Rebecca Rubin American Girl

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American Girl
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American Girl
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